Your Comfort is Our Top Priority.

The knowledge and skill of your dentist are undoubtedly important. But for many individuals, it’s how comfortable they feel in their dentist’s chair that’s the deciding factor in whether their experience is a positive one or not.

Comfort and security are a big deal for good reason. Over 60% of adults feel some level of dental fear, whether it be a full-on phobia or simply general nervousness or anxiety. Fear of pain ranks as one of the biggest anxiety triggers, along with the smell of chemicals, the sound of drilling, and even anxiety related to getting the bill after a procedure.

We can’t completely prevent certain triggers from occurring, but our team at Allred Family Dentistry does their very best to ease patients through every procedure and exam by keeping them as comfortable, confident, and relaxed as possible.

Here are 7 ways our dental team utilizes incredible customer service coupled with advanced technology and equipment to keep every patient, nervous or not, content in the dental chair.

1. We provide cost estimates so you’ll know what you’re going to pay before treatment begins.

The last thing we want is for our patients to feel anxious in the chair because they’re afraid of what a procedure is going to cost.

We do our best to make our dentistry services affordable and keep our prices up-front. Prior to treatment, we can give you an accurate fee estimation based on your insurance coverage. We’ll even file the proper insurance forms for you.

Knowing how much you need budgeted before you receive treatment allows you to relax during your actual procedure.

2. Intraoral cameras minimize jaw soreness during examinations.

Having to hold your mouth open wide for long periods of time can make your jaw feel a little tender, especially if you’re already experiencing some sort of tooth or jaw pain. Thanks to our high-tech intraoral cameras, we can get a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your mouth without as much fiddling around with our handheld mirrors.

Another great thing about these intraoral cameras is we can show you what’s going on by displaying it on our computer monitor or iPad.

3. Digital x-rays are faster and safer than traditional x-rays.

Sitting in the chair trying to hold as still as possible with a bulky mouthpiece between your teeth can be the most uncomfortable part of an exam. But no more!

We use advanced digital x-rays to minimize discomfort by making the process of taking radiographs much faster and with minimal annoyance from mouthpieces. Digital x-rays also produce less radiation exposure, which means you’ll be safer.

4. Our warm-hearted approach to patient care makes you feel like part of the Allred Dentistry family.

The Allred Family Dentistry group is all about creating trusting relationships with our patients. With our team of dentists consisting of Dr. Robert Allred and his sons Drs. Ben, Marc, and Jason, we carry the importance of family connection right through to how we treat our patients.

It comes as no surprise that many of our patients’ reviews praise our warm and welcoming customer service. If some of your nervousness in the chair stems from meeting new people, feel free to get to know our doctors and the team by visiting the Meet Your Dentists and Meet Your Team pages on our website.

5. We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide to help our nervous patients relax.

As much as we love speaking and connecting with our nervous patients to help calm them, sometimes a little something extra is needed to soothe fears. We offer both nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas) and oral sedation for patients who feel very uncomfortable or afraid.

The option best for you will depend on your level of fear, your health, and the procedure. Our dentists are very empathetic and will help figure out the right solution to keep you feeling as content as possible.

6. We offer zirconia crowns that look just like your natural teeth.

When you’re getting a crown placed, especially in a very visible spot in your mouth, it’s easy to feel tense while you’re sitting in the chair wondering how the final result will look.

With zirconia crowns, you can let go of the worry because you’ll know that the final product will look beautiful and elegant. Your crown will be completely custom designed to match the rest of your teeth, including the shape, size, and color.

7. We’ll do our best to help you get tooth pain relief within the same day.

A bad toothache can completely ruin your day and, in severe cases, tempt you to even visit the ER. We do our best to get emergency patients in as quickly as we can based on our schedule for the day. We can also guide you to safe at-home remedies to ease tooth pain while you wait to come in for your appointment.

Once you come in and sit in our chair, we’ll begin to address the pain issue immediately. Patients who are in a lot of pain and also have dental fear may even request nitrous oxide to help them relax more quickly (see #5).

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