Plan some festive family time for the holidays.

The holiday season is here, and with it brings plenty of opportunities for family time and activities. However, it isn’t always easy to plan holiday activities during this busy season. Spending quality time with your family helps build strong bonds and is an important part of guiding your children’s healthy development. These fun holiday-themed crafts offer hours of easy-to-plan family time.

1. Rustic Twig Tree Ornaments

This unique craft idea from Good Housekeeping can provide your Christmas tree with simple yet striking ornaments that children of all ages can create. This simple craft requires nothing more than twigs, string, and glue to make unique and fun ornaments.

It’s easy to arrange small twigs into essentially any holiday shape. Simple triangle Christmas trees and a variety of stars are the obvious choices, but there’s no end to the creative choices. Wrap segments tightly in red or green string to add some color. Twigs can be glued or tied together, depending on the design, and a simple loop completes it.

2. Paper Bag Snowmen

Your kids are sure to love making these paper bag snowmen from Simple Everyday Mom. To get started, you’ll need white paper bags, white card stock, colored card stock, a glue stick, and scissors.

From there, you simply cut out circles for the body and glue them to the paper bag. Your children can then craft buttons, scarves, hats, a carrot nose, and other features from any color of cardstock they choose. This craft offers both a simple design that children can follow and ample opportunities for creativity.

3. Holiday Pom-Pom Ornaments

Making Christmas tree ornaments is one of the quintessential holiday activities for children. This unique pom-pom ornament design from Lovely Indeed can be a great addition to your tree. You can start out with pom-poms of any size and mix them up to create a varied assortment.

It’s easy to glue smaller pom-poms to larger pom-poms to serve as a nose. From there, you can use colored cardstock to cut out Santa and elf hats, antlers, scarves, and other holiday-appropriate fixtures. Another pom-pom at the end of the hat completes this unique ornament design.

4. Personalized Paper Snowmen

With this great idea from The Best Ideas for Kids, you can have your children create snowmen crafts, which feature pictures of them. To start, you’ll need a photograph of your child, construction paper, and buttons; you can add other materials like ribbons, pom-poms, and glitter.

The body of the snowman is a simple white circle, and the arms and legs are strips of construction paper that are given a corrugated pattern by folding them back and forth. Glue the cut-out of your child’s head to the top of the circle, and then apply a ribbon scarf, buttons, pom-pom ear muffs, or other winter accessories.

5. Pine Cone Gnome Ornament

Pine cones are a great material for all kinds of ornaments, and this pine cone gnome ornament from Bowdabra is one of the best. Putting these together can be one of the most entertaining holiday activities. First, you’ll have to track down some pine cones. If you don’t have the chance to find them outdoors, many craft stores stock them.

Then, paint the pine cones white to represent the beard of the gnomes. From there, you take paper or felt to make a pointy red or green hat that is affixed to the pine cone. The pointy side faces down, so put that hat on the broad side. You can then add a button or bead below that hat for a simple nose.

6. Holiday Vignettes

If your children are ready for more advanced holiday activities, you can try these beautiful holiday vignettes from A Beautiful Mess. With glass domes or bell jars and an extensive array of additional materials, you can create professional-looking holiday vignettes.

Bottle brush tips make great trees, and LED light strings are always a great way to brighten the scene. There’s no limit to the potential options you and your family can dream up for this wonderful craft.

Don’t leave oral health by the wayside this holiday season.

While you’re having fun with your family throughout the season, don’t forget the importance of keeping up with the best dental care practices. Try to avoid sugary treats when possible, and don’t skip over your brushing and flossing routine. Make sure to visit your family dentist in Hampton, GA, if it’s time for a routine visit or if you have any concerns.

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