Protect your child’s smile with a dentist-approved mouth guard.

Is your child involved in sports or recreational activities? If so, a great-quality mouth guard is one of the smartest investments you can make for their health and safety. Designed to protect their teeth from injury and impact, these devices are critical to preserving their smile.

Today, we’re answering 5 of the most common questions we receive about mouth guards to help you better understand their importance and function.

1. How do mouth guards protect teeth?

Most mouth guards are designed to cover and protect your child’s upper row of teeth. In addition, they also help safeguard the soft tissues of your child’s tongue and lips, as well as their cheek lining.

When in place, a mouth guard helps cushion your child’s face against an accidental blow that could occur during physical activity. In this way, it helps lower the risk of broken teeth, and it also prevents more serious injuries from occurring to their lips, tongue, face, or jawbone.

2. When do I know if my child needs a mouth guard?

If your child participates in any sport or recreational activity where a facial injury is a possibility, a mouth guard is usually recommended.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t only refer to organized contact sports, such as basketball. There are many common activities that could necessitate the need for a mouth guard, from jumping on a trampoline to skateboarding.

3. What distinguishes a store-bought mouth guard from one from the dentist?

A dentist-provided mouth guard will be custom-fitted to your child’s mouth. This ensures a more secure fit than a generic one you’ll find on the store shelf. Though those might be less expensive, they also come pre-formed and are unlikely to fit them as well.

In lieu of pre-formed models, you can also find “boil and bite” mouth guards at most sporting goods stores. These allow you to form the material to your child’s teeth at home, but again, they are not as supportive as a dentist-provided one.

4. Are custom mouth guards expensive?

You can expect to pay more for a custom mouth guard than one available in stores. However, consider the financial impact of not adequately protecting your child’s teeth.

If an injury leaves them with missing, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth, the cost of treatment could far exceed that of a custom mouth guard. This is a worthy investment that can provide invaluable peace of mind.

5. What if my child has braces?

If your child has any type of orthodontic appliance, including braces and fixed bridge work, then mouth guards are especially important. A blow to the face could damage these components or cause them to cut the inside of your child’s mouth.

Get fitted for a custom mouth guard.

As a family-focused dental practice, we care about the well-being of your entire family. That includes your tiniest members!

Mouth guards are an excellent way to protect your kids’ teeth as they run, tumble, tackle, and cycle around. These appliances can help them play more confidently, all while delivering the valuable dental protection they require.

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