It’s a small town summer.

In a small town like Hampton, GA finding things to do can be difficult sometimes. Especially when it’s the middle of the summer and all you want is air conditioning that feels like an Alaskan winter. Though the perfect air conditioning might not exist, there are several places you can take your kids to locally to keep them entertained. Below is a list of 10 things that will get you and the family out of the house this summer in Hampton, GA!

1. Nash Farm Battlefield Park

This civil war battlefield was once the scene of many battles, including the Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid and several other battles that marked the end of Atlanta’s campaign. The park is open seven days a week and has a plethora of historical markers for self-guided tours. This would be a great place to take your family for a good history lesson.

2. Water Park

Saying it gets hot here can be an understatement. During those particularly hot days, sometimes the only thing that helps at all is some water. A quick drive to Jackson will bring you and your family to High Falls Water Park. This place has activities for all ages, even the little ones! They have small water features designed just for your young ones, and two full-sized water slides for the bigger kids and adults. A day out here is guaranteed to create memories!

3. Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Flying Museum

Speaking of history, do you have a history buff in your family? Or just someone who is obsessed with planes? This museum both restores and maintains aircraft from the Vietnam and Cold War. They don’t just restore these planes for public display, they also pride themselves on keeping them in flying condition, as each aircraft is restored to its original Army specifications.

4. Speakeasy Bookstore

For the book lovers in the family, the Speakeasy Bookstore is a great stop for the avid readers in your family. It is filled with reasonably priced used books in all the main genres. This quaint place is also equipped with a full espresso bar of locally roasted coffee. And, if you have any old books on hand, they also do book appraisals!

5. Atlanta Speedway

More than likely, you’re well aware of the speedway just west of town. After all, it’s hard to miss—it covers more than 840 acres. But did you know that you can schedule an appointment for a tour? These tours go over the history of the speedway, and you can visit Petty Garden and make a stop at Victory Lane. If anyone in your family is a NASCAR fan, this is the place for them!

6. Visit some parks!

It’s a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, and the kids are driving you absolutely crazy. We’ve all been there. On days like this, it never hurts to pack up the family and head to the park. Pack a quick lunch and sunscreen, and get outside.

7. Lace up those skates!

Griffin Skate Inn is a large skating rink that has plenty of space for skaters of all levels with a promise that the music alone will keep you moving! They pride themselves on making life both memorable and enjoyable with some fun physical activity. If you grow tired of skating, you can take a break at the arcade or concession stand.

8. Time for a sandwich.

Rutabaga’s Market and Cafe is a nostalgic eatery located right here in Hampton, GA. They have a line of gourmet rubs, jams, jellies, butters, and pickled products, as well as their very own wholesale line, LeAnn’s Gourmet Foods. They love sharing southern recipes and good hometown cooking. If you’re getting hungry, or just want to bring some new flavors home, stop by and check out their selections!

9. Newman Wetland’s Center

Newman Wetland’s Center is a beautiful nature area that strives to provide environmental education. They want the community to be able to explore nature and the world around them. If someone in your family has a mobility need, the park has Action Trackchairs that you can reserve in advance so everyone can explore together!

10. Japanese Steakhouse

If you’re in the mood for some good Japanese food, Yumi Japanese Steakhouse has you covered. From ramen to sushi, they have a variety of foods that are sure to make your mouth water. If you would rather eat at home, you have the option to order online.

Get your dental appointments out of the way before school starts back up!

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