Oral Cancer Screening


As a comprehensive dental practitioner, Allred Family Dentistry offers routine oral cancer screenings to you as a patient.  Your Allred Family dentists are the only medical professionals in a position to evaluate routinely and detect abnormalities.  Early detection is important. There will be 41,000 Americans diagnosed with oral cancer this year and 12,500 deaths.  The death rate from oral cancer is especially high due to late discovery of the disease.

As with all cancers, prognosis is more positive with early detection.   A patient who does not seek regular continuous care from a dental professional is putting their health at risk by delaying a diagnosis in the early stage of oral cancer.  We are dedicated to providing this potentially life-saving procedure for you.

Oral Cancer Statistics:

  • Deaths due to oral cancer equal 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day
  • The death rate is high not due to difficulty of diagnosis, but due to late diagnosis
  • There’s a 90% success rate if detected early
  • Oral Cancer is three times more common than cervical cancer

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is easily prevented with proper hygiene, home care, and professional treatment.

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